My name is Ben Sangree.  I’m from New Jersey, lived in China for 3 years, New York for 5, and recently moved to LA along with everybody else.

Some of the things which bring me happiness, joy, and fulfillment in various capacities are reading fiction, running half marathons, upper intermediate Chinese textbooks, mid 2000s indie rock, Slate podcasts, donation based yoga classes, and work.

Speaking of work.  I believe online education is one of the actually disruptive technologies which will change our world during my lifetime. I work at a company offering innovative learning content and technology services enabling people to perform better at work.

I moved to LA in 2017 to lead West Coast sales, and simultaneously pursue my MBA at UCLA Anderson part time.  It’s been an amazing year.

I had previously co-founded and consulted for online education startups, specializing in business development, online marketing, and employee recruiting and training.

Before all that, I spent 3 years living in China, 2 of which I worked at a NASDAQ-listed consumer internet company in business development, corporate communications, and investor relations.

You can read the introduction to my blog and why I started it here.  Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Last.fm.

Thanks for reading.  Let’s go Rangers.


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