How I Spent 2013 in New York

I moved to New York City on October 1st, 2012.  After living at home for a few months after a breathless 3 years in China, it was a welcome life change.  I had a good job lined up, some of my best friends were living within a three mile radius, and I was simply giddy at the opportunity to live in this amazing world city.

I’ve worked hard at my job, and am proud of the progress we’ve made launching, operating, and growing the business in just this one year.   It has been stressful and difficult working remotely (with a 12 hour time difference!), and we are still in the very nascent stages of what we are ultimately looking to build.

Personally, it has been perhaps an even more fulfilling year.  I’ve spent quality time with old friends, met new ones, patronized hundreds of restaurants and bars, covered vast areas of the city on foot, and am in a great relationship.  Yet as I thought about my year in retrospective, I realized I’ve had a renaissance of two old favorite hobbies, and the birth of a new one.

While I can’t call it the best year of my life (as I recall, 1993 was pretty great), this has been a very important year for me personally and professionally.  After some (albeit pretty minor) personal turmoil upon returning to America, I have a seemingly workable 2-5 year plan in place (spoilers herehere, and here) and the tools and drive to go forward.

This is how I spent my free time in New York in 2013: Reading.  Music.  Running.


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