Japanese Government Clarifies Abe’s Comments: American Media Reports Inaccurate

Translation assignment for my translators workshop class.  Surprised how many “politically sensitive” topics we are being assigned lately.

English Translation:

Japanese Government Clarifies Abe’s Comments: American Media Reports Inaccurate

American media reports of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s comments on China from February 22 are false and misleading, according to Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian YiWei in Tokyo.

Responding to a question from a Xinhua News Agency reporter, Jin YiWei said the Chinese government has requested the Japanese government to clarify Abe’s comments. In reply, Japan claimed The Washington Post did not accurately quote Abe, causing this misunderstanding.

Jin YiWei expressed that Japan views Sino-Japanese relations as one of the most important bilateral relationships, and that Japan seeks to establish a more proactive, strategic mutually beneficial relationship, a view Abe has repeatedly emphasized.
Previous to this Washington Post report, Abe had claimed that the need for conflict with Japan and other Asian neighbors is “deeply ingrained” in China in order to consolidate political support for the Communist Party. Japan will thus seek to hinder China’s attempts to “plunder territory” in its neighboring countries.

On February 21st Hong Lei, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed shock at the content of these reports, claiming the international community would not accept Japan’s leaders openly manipulating and inciting antagonism between neighboring countries. China is committed to developing a strategic mutually beneficial relationship, but will not watch idly as Japan makes moves to interfere in China’s domestic territory, interpretation of history, and foreign affairs. China requests Japan to immediately clarify this situation, and take appropriate measures to rectify.

Original Chinese:








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