Translation: Apple stock price falls below $600

As a devoted denizen of the Google/Android-verse, I feel a bit sheepish choosing a negative Apple story as my first translation piece. The smartphone wars have reached a  comically “us vs. them” point (as if we need more wedges in our society this election season), and I refuse to judge people by the suite of online services or mobile hardware they personally prefer. However, it is with borderline schadenfreude that I watch Apple stumble, perhaps to the direct benefit of my beloved Android ecosystem in the long run.  Smartphone politics aside, this is a fun, short, and easy piece about 7 大问题 (big problems) Apple is currently facing.

Words or phrases I find particularly useful or interesting are bolded, and listed at the end.

Original Story:

English Translation:
Apple stock price falls below $600: 7 Recent Problems

Story Lead: Foreign media reporting today that due to changes in management, Apple stock price fell below $600 on Wednesday, reaching its lowest price since July. Will Apple fall even further from here?

In early trading Wednesday morning, Apple stock fell below $600, mainly because of the management changes on Monday. Yet regarding the resignation of iOS Software Department VP Scott Forstall and Sales Manager John Browett, Wall Street Analysts are not all particularly worried.

Even before the resignation of these upper management, several problems had emerged at Apple:

1) First 3 day sales of the iPhone 5 were lower than industry forecasts
2) iOS 6 Mapping app riddled with errors
3) Fourth quarter profit lower than Wall Street’s forecasts
4) Apple warned 2013 fiscal year’s first quarter (until the end of December 2012) gross margins will decline significantly
5) Fourth quarter iPad sales were below expectations
6) Wall Street not satisfied with the relatively high price of the iPad Mini ($329)
7) Overall the reaction to the iPad Mini was positive, but there was no lack of detractors

Is this the sign of the beginning of a slump for Apple? No! However all of this happened at a very critical time, just as the smart phone and tablet market is entering a period of intense competition.

Microsoft is seeking business opportunities in the tablet market, and the recently unveiled Windows 8 is impressive. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that since the official release of Windows 8 Friday, 4 million units have been sold to individual consumers. Next up are a wide array of phones coming from Samsung, Nokia, HTC, among other firms all featuring Windows 8.

In summary, Apple watchers will have a hard time avoiding this question: is Apple headed downhill?  In trading Wednesday, Apple stock fell 2.4% to $589.60, the lowest on record since July.

Original Chinese:



对于iOS软件部门高级副总裁斯科特·福斯特尔(Scott Forstall)和零售主管约翰·布罗维特(John Browett) 等人的离职,华尔街大多数分析师都不是特别担心。


1)iPhone 5上市后前三天销量低于业内预期;
2)iOS 6地图应用错误百出
6)华尔街对iPad Mini较高的定价(329美元)不满
7)关于iPad Mini的评价,整体而言是积极的,但不乏指责声。


微软正在企业市场挖掘平板电脑商机,最新发布的Windows 8也表现不俗。微软CEO史蒂夫·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)周二表示,自上周五Windows 8正式上市以来,已面向向个人消费者售出了400万套。接下来,还将有大量来自三星、诺基亚和HTC等厂商的Windows Phone 8手机上市。



Words/Phrases of Note:

管理层- (guǎnlǐ céng) Company management, management level
下坡路- (xiàpōlù) Going downhill, downhill path
跌破- (diē pò) Fall below, below the…
错误百出- (cuòwù bǎichū) Full of mistakes, riddled with errors
发布预警- (fābù yùjǐng) Issue a warning
低于预期- (dī yú yùqí) Lower than expectations
不满- (bùmǎn) Dissatisfied
迹象- (jīxiàng) Mark, indication
关键时期- (guānjiàn shíqí) Critical period, crucial time
强劲挑战- (qiángjìng tiǎozhàn) Strong challenge, intense competition
商机- (shāngjī) Business opportunities
表现不俗- (biǎoxiàn bùsú) Doing well, solid performance
观察家们- (guānchá jiāmen) Observers, watchers


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